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Water treatment


We offer equipment for use with chloride-free flocculant for water treatment. The Clean units are available for all sizes of operation.


Our centrifugal water cleaning system mod. CNT16 is designed to separate the grinding sludge from the water centrifuge, so without complex equipment and flocculants. Suitable for connection mainly with edge grinders, drilling machines and machines with numerical control. Minimum space requirements and operating costs!



At Filtraglass we manufacture water filtration systems for all types of glass industries and for all operating sizes, covering a wide sector that includes the optical industry, the automotive industry and the processing of flat glass in general. The function of our machines is to filter and extract the glass particles present in the water used in the glass processing operations, without the use of flocculants! In this way, clean, reusable water is obtained on the one hand, and dry, recyclable solid waste on the other.

How does it work?

The system collects and stores the water from the different glass processing machines in a tank. From there, the dirty water is pumped to the pressure cylinder where the filtering plates are located, separating the water from the dust, allowing the clean water that is ready to be reused to pass through to a new section of the tank, and retaining the dust on the outside in the filter mesh. On a regular basis, when the machine detects a particular build-up of dust, it dries and compresses the glass dust stuck to the filter mesh, discharging it in the form of dry, solid, recyclable residue. This whole cyclical process is fully automatic, requires no staff and does not lead to production line stoppages.

Basic system

EcoBox is Filtraglass’s basic model specially designed for use with bevelling and edging machines. The machine operates with the same pressure column filtration system as the standard machines offering the same efficiency and environmental protections but at a lower cost thanks to a simpler set up. The EcoBox is quick and easy to install and only requires the original water tank to be replaced and the system to be assembled.

Standard system

We currently manufacture various standard model machines, which differ according to the number of filter columns they contain and their length. Standard systems have the full range of Filtraglass machine settings and include features such as a control panel for programming the machine. Furthermore, all Filtraglass systems, when the appropriate modifications are applied, are capable of providing optimal quality water for use in the spindles of CNC machines and insulated glazing glass seaming machines.

Large volumes system

Filtraglass also boasts XtremFlow, a model designed for large volumes of water. Unlike the other systems, XtremFlow filters the water using a filter press system, i.e. it separates the glass particles suspended in the water by pushing the liquid through the filter plates at high power. This model is able to filter very large amounts of water per minute and can also be tailored to the flow rate required by each client.

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