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Vertical edge grinding Compact and efficient


Cost-effective, solid grinding machines for flat edges, optionally available with 4 and 9 spindles (motors).


With our Italian partner SCHIATTI we offer first-class edge grinding machines in vertical design for all sizes of operation and in all configurations and in many variations (number of motors (spindles), etc.; flat edge only or also with miter. The careful selection of materials and a durable design, combined with more than 50 years of technical experience make SCHIATTI a competent machine partner.

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Zafferani machines are born from the research of maximum simplicity of construction to make them completely reliable at affordable prices, and to allow even smaller companies to carry out complex quality work quickly and in complete safety, due to this fact also many industrial factories use Zafferani machines.

Since decades the Italian manufacturer ZAFFERANI produces glass processing machines especially for small, middle and big glass processing companies.

The edge grinding machines from the traditional family company stand out for their high quality and a very good price performance ratio. Our edge grinding machine product range from ZAFFERANI reaches from machines with four spindles (= 4 motors = 4 processing tools) up to models with 10 spindles working with cup wheels. Thereby the range of models is suitable for flat edge grinding (trapezoid edge), for flat & mitering edge grinding, a bevelling machine completes our program.

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