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Storage systems Crystal clear overview


Expoglass racking system is the steel construction used to store plate materials, especially glass sheets.

They consist of a frame - a fixed steel structure and a group of single racks - drawers (inside the frame), which can be pulled in order to load or unload the glass.

Customers often struggle with the problem of storing post-production waste suitable for re-use. In glass factories, there are often hundreds of glasses based on a wall in every free space.

Taking this fact into account and the requests of our clients, Expoglass started the work on concertina glass storage glass stripes. We hope that in a short time we will be able to introduce to you our new product.

KK Glassracks

The storage rack made for safe transport and storage of glass panels and glass structures. The carrying capacity of the rack is 2000 kg.


  • Support legs as well as hand jack openings are welded to the lower frame
  • Rubber protectors for backside protection of the glass
  • The 6° angle of inclination ensures a stable position of the glass panels
  • Stable transport possible with forklift truck
  • With the lifting eyes on the top, suspended movement of the rack can be performed


Since 1985 our Spanish partner TUROMAS is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of equipment and accessories for handling, loading and storage of flat glass. We can provide you the whole TUROMAS equipment range from manual small quantity storage on reduced space up to factory sized fully automatic systems.

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