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EVA-Film Safe connection

Eva - Film

For the lamination of two or more single glasses are principly two technologies availble, EVA- or PVB-films. EVA-film provide clear advantages: For the compound no big investment in machinery & warehouse space as well as no high manpower necessary. In addition the EVA-film is insensible to air moisture, so there is no need for a climatised cleanroom, not for storing either for production.

Short: In specialized EVA-Laminating ovens (investment up from  € 25.000,-), there can be produced laminated safety glass very rational with a short training of 1 day only!

For our high-quality EVA lamination film in glass-composite exist all necessary test-certificates like impact test, pendulum test, climate chamber test, UV-radiation and more.

We serve films in thickness 0,38 mm & 0,76 mm and in the widths1,30 m / 1,60 m / 2,10 m / 2,25 m & 2,50 m. Our EVA-films have a crystal clear transparency and are also available in the special models „low-temperature“ for the lamination of  special decorative materials and in  „milkywhite“ (white matt) in our good assorted stock.

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