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Glass manipulation Glass handling made easy


As the exclusive partner from German expert UPLIFTER we offer a wide product range of lifting equipment: mini crane, glass lifter, glass vacuum cup or mobile crane will make your work surely easier!

Vacuum glass cups / Vacuum hangers

We serve numerous variations of vacuum glass cups, respectively vacuum hangers for glass, stone, metal and wood, suitable for handcraft and industry, ourdoor- or indoor-application. Our program of vacuum cups offers solutions for safe transport and efficient assembly.


Glasslifter of the GLASSWORKER brand lift glass panels and windows up to 780 kg fast and safe in low hights and provide for very precise positioning. The glass transport and glass installation machines are easy to use and intuitive. With them a worker could transport, montage & accurately fit heavy windows, glass panes, ceilings and facade elements.

Second hand MAEDA mini cranes

MAEDA mini cranes are compact all-round tools for every operation site. They satisfy trough their good price performance ratio, high product quality and compact construction. Their low own weight, handy dimensions, easy handling and a lifting capacity from up to 6 t with a hook height by 22 m setting standards.

Pick & Carry cranes

Pick & Carry-cranes are driving cranes without stabilizer. They enable to move with heavy weights on smallest room. Lifting capacity from 2 t up to 90 t can be transported flexible.

Transport devices

We dispose over a large range of glas transport devices for every imaginable kind of use.


TECNOCAT 21 SL is a leading brand and reference in the manufacture of flat and curved glass manipulation equipment.

For more than two decades, TECNOCAT has developed its own brand style with international importance.

Design and innovation, development and in-house manufacturing are the concepts that best define us.

Product quality and customer service are our constant source of motivation.

Loading/Unloading cranes

Glazing on the construction site of flat glass

Glass clamp

Glazing on the construction site of curved glass

Stocksheet manipulation

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