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Glass washing machines Clean thing

KK Masterwash

For use in non-automated lines in trade and industry, we have our proven own brand "KK Masterwash" in our range - also for horizontal and vertical needs and at attractive prices, manufactured in Italy. "KK Masterwash" is available in various designs and heights. The version most popular with the glazier trade is with 2 pairs of brushes, 1.6m washing height and open at the top - by turning the pane over, you can wash it again, achieving a max. washing height of 3.2m.

TRIULZI glass washing machines

High-quality glass washing machines are a basic requirement for removing grinding residues and dirt from glass between processing steps and delivering the best quality. They are suitable for operation in automatic processing lines (also for 24-hour operation) and are available in horizontal and vertical versions. For these industrial applications, we offer glass washing machines from the leading Italian brand TRIULZI.

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