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CNC Glass Processing

Horizontal Machines


CMS offers 3/4 and 5-axis machining centers for thin and thick flat glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass and curved glass. The forward-looking design of the structure is the result of CMS Glass Technology's continuous investment in research and development. The sophisticated technological solutions provide long-lasting precision, speed and flexibility to also guarantee an exceptional level of finishing and unrivaled accuracy.

These machines can handle all types of edge grinding and polishing, rounding, milling as well as disk cutting, drilling, engraving, variable angle faceting, as well as special machining. Thanks to their robustness, they are ideal for all types of glass processing.

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Vertical CNC processing machines


More than 20 years of experience in glass processing have enabled CMS to offer a comprehensive range of vertical glass processing machines to meet the needs of all customers. These machines offer accuracy and quality, accompanied by the classic advantages of productivity and versatility that vertical machining offers. They perform cylindrical grinding, polishing and industrial grinding, milling and coaxial drilling operations and can be used as a stand-alone machine, in line with a mill-drill machine or within a double-sided grinding group. CMS Glass Technology's offering also includes CNC vertical drills for drilling, countersinking, milling and engraving monolithic, laminated and low-E glass.

YPSOS: Grinding-Polishing-Drilling-Milling
VERTEC: Drilling-Milling
Both machines can be used in line for fast cycle times!

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Schiatti Angelo Srl manufactures machines for glass processing, characterized by high quality, reliability and durability. The peculiarity of Schiatti's machines lies in the careful selection of the manufacturing materials, as well as in the great experience in the machining problems, gained using own products and with the support of the customers.

These characteristics allow Schiatti Angelo srl to manufacture its own products at the highest level of quality and reliability, satisfying the needs of all glass processing companies, from small to large, in the national and international glass industry.

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The new Zafferani Glas processing machines have been designed with the needs of small and medium enterprises in mind, to make possible what was previously impossible or only possible with very expensive machines. Today, with the new generation machines with numerical control, Zafferani can give access to automation also to smaller companies, making them more competitive and efficient.

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