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Scanner for quality assessment


The LineScanner is THE solution for all quality inspections of transparent flat glass products such as single sheets, insulating glass, automotive glass, processed glass, polycarbonate or film. LineScanner inspects your products with extreme precision for all defects in quality and dimension. Its flexibility as well as its simple operation and installation allow it to be put into operation quickly and easily with minimum space requirements.

Especially in the glass industry, it's increasingly important, to meet the high demands of customers and partners. Since years Softsolution deals with the complex issue of checking the quality assessment of flat glass. Therefore we have developed a scanner which will revolutionize also your business!


The CulletScanner from SOFTSOLUTION with new tilt function scans with the highest resolution every tempered glass , such as architectural-, automotive-, window glasses and shower doors and eg. Each fragment is viewed from a 90 ° angle and the entire fragmentation image of a test lite is precisely and completely evaluated within seconds. The position, size, length, area and weight are determined and each scan of a fragmentation image is digitally stored with the highest precision and sharpness. Exclusion areas along the outer contour and the point of impact are of course also taken into account. A certificate printout in PDF format is then generated automatically.


VirtualDigitizing – a software application for flexible digitization solutions for templates that can be used easily and quickly in any industry. This results in an unprecedented reduction in workload and increased flexibility. VirtualDigitizing – will change the way you work.

Osprey 10® Inspection Systems

LiteSentry’s revolutionary Osprey® inspection systems include the only high performing systems that meet and exceed growing requirements of leading architects and glass suppliers, including mandated distortion and anisotropy measurements.

Innovative optical technology delivers complete, precise, and accurate inspections guaranteeing superior quality while saving time and costs. Secure customer commitments and advance your opportunities with Osprey®.

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